Get Involved


A PhD in the PHT Lab is best suited for extremely motivated people who can't stop learning and want to see their ideas deployed in the world. I am looking for self-starters who are driven by curiosity and deeply empathetic to the experience of living with a disability.  Like a typical PhD, students will become experts in their research area, which will fall in the general theme of playful assistive technology. Unlike a typical PhD, students will also get to cross disciplines and become experts at deploying their ideas in the real world. If you want to be a faculty member or start your own company in the future, this might be a great fit!

Research Assistants

Research Assistants are provided with the opportunity to participate in diverse aspects of the research and product process—design, user research, development, ideation, and more—and to do so in the context of real-world projects. Projects will contribute to larger initiatives in the PHT Lab designed to produce both research advances through publications and societal impact through deployed platforms. This makes it super fun, but it also means you have to love learning new things and have a strong work ethic. Research Assistants are expected to contribute 10 hours of work per week. Independent studies are available for course credit.

How to Apply

Send an email to describing why you think you would be a great fit for the PHT Lab. Additionally, you may include the following in that email to make a stronger application—however, it is not necessary to include everything in this list:

Ph.D. Applicants: You will need to also apply through the official admissions process. I can influence decisions, but do not have the final say.